“I try not to think. It interferes with being nuts” – Leo Valdez

Rick Riordan’s latest book, and the latest book in The Heroes of Olympus series, Mark of Athena, just came out.

It’s a funny story how I happened to buy it, really. Cito and I were strolling around the bookstore, just talking about random stuff while my baby brother browsed through the shelves. By habit, we always walk through some tables where they display the most prominent books that people buy. I was never really seeing anything, just skimming through some stuff, when suddenly, my eyes focused on the “Mark of Athena” part of the book. At first, I was like, “Oh, cool.” Then it finally sunk in, and I was like, “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.”

So there I was, being a happy kid and all. I’m not going to write a review of the book, because we all know that I suck at reviews. What I’m going to write here, though, is a rant. A rant to Rick Riordan ASKING HIM WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID.

*Spoilers Alert*

Of course, this didn’t have a happy ending. I knew that. Maybe at the back of my head, there’s someone whispering that this isn’t going to be happy. But I kept ignoring it until it hit me in the face.

The ending of the book can only be described in a series of GIFs (again) since they could only be the ones who can actually FEEL what I’m feeling.

At first I was so happy because Annabeth was being the usual smart cookie Annabeth and I had no idea what was going on, then everybody was screaming and I was like CUT IT CUT IT CUT IT

“We’re staying together. You’re not getting away from me. Not again.” – Percy

Then it finally sunk in.

… and I started feeling very sad.

And that sadness grew.

and grew

and grew some more

Until finally the dam broke and tears came out and I was bawling my eyes off while making dying whale noises and repeatedly hitting myself on the head with the book, attempting to bargain with the gods for their safe return.

And now, I’m just sitting here screaming WHY RICK RIORDAN WHY

Another year of waiting in agony while Percy and Annabeth rot in Tartarus HOW COULD YOU DO THIS RICK HUH RICK


The Mark of Athena

I just read Rick Riordan’s blog where he unfolded the elusive Mark of Athena cover and posted it’s first chapter!!

Sigh, isn’t it just gorgeous?! I think that’s Jason, riding Tempest and wearing Camp Jupiter’s purple shirt. And that’s Percy, riding Blackjack, and wearing Camp Half-Blood’s orange shirt!!! But why are they fighting each other. They’re supposed to be fighting Gaia. 😦 I swear, Riordan’s books have the best covers. I can’t wait to delve into Annabeth’s POV!!


I was sick and feeling like crap these past couple days  so I couldn’t go online and update. But just last  Thursday, Cito took me on a dinner date at a nearby mall to cheer me up! But I guess that wasn’t such a good idea, huh? ‘Cause I got sick again the day after. 😦 But I still got to see and be with him though, and that’s worth it!! ❤

He bought me two books, The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan and That Kind of Guy by Mina Esguerra (local). I finished both in two days since I was bedridden and had to sleep for two days. These books kept my company!! Just look at the covers. They’re gorgeous!!! ❤ By the way, may I just say that Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors, AND HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN. Amazing conclusion to an epic series!!!!

So he treated me at Sbarro and I thought he was going to order our usual White Cheese/Cheese pizza which I love, simply because, HEY, IT’S CHEESE. But he surprised me by ordering a slice of Chicago White Deep Dish. Okay, if I wasn’t so sick and pathetic, I would’ve wolfed down this pizza in 3 minutes. I looooove everything cheese and tomato-y! Plus it’s got pineapples and big onion cuts which I loooove, especially on Adobo!! ❤

A dish we never ever! get tired of: Baked Ziti with Alfredo Sauce.  We order this pasta every time we eat here, simply because it’s so incredibly good!!! The cheese just melts in your mouth and warm bread you can scrape your plate with. Ha ha. Man, I get hungry just thinking about it! Craving for Italian food right now!! ❤

Too bad I only managed to eat a few bites of food due to the fact that my appetite’s gone bonkers and the food’s threatening to come out. 😦

 I do look sick, don’t I? Still managed to smile because, to be honest, he makes me smile! He makes me feel alive and well, just the sight of him tingles my bones in a good way. Even when I’m sick, he still manages to turn my mood upside-down and make me deliriously happy! ❤

❤ Cae