Thank you, 20 followers!

I know my life is pretty boring compared to other bloggers, but I appreciate every comment, like, and view!

Say hi to Cito while we’re Skype-ing!

Meanwhile, here’s an adorable picture of Josh Hutcherson and his preferred choice of frozen yogurt..

How does he know that Red Mango is my favorite?! Yes, I think we’re meant to be. Lol. 😉


❤ Cae


So today my boyfriend decided to join the WordPress community

I can’t believe he waited all this time to FINALLY put up a blog. He’s an amazing writer and so fluent in English, it doesn’t even sound awkward when he talks. I know, during my high school periods, talking in English may make you sound like a social climber and a desperate wanna-be, but with him, he actually makes it sound.. cool.

I know he’s a pathetic companion for a photo-op..

But in reality, he’s actually very sweet, incredibly funny as hell, and crazier than me. And that’s saying a lot, because my username wouldn’t be livelife”CAErazy” for nothing.

So be good followers and head on over to his WordPress guys! It would mean so much to the both of us. 🙂