My baby boy turns into a big boy!

Last October 3, my baby brother, Caehl (pronounced as Kyle) turned 7! We have an 11 year age gap, so he’s still very much young.
So we had a Toy Story themed birthday party at the local McDonald’s. All of his classmates came, and every one of my family members are present!

My brother with his girl friends! What a ladies man!!

My best friends and I were in charge of reception. It’s our job to write the name tags and make sure that they really are guests of the party!

Games were fun and endearing and it brought out the inner child in all of us. It was absolutely crazy, and even the parents joined in the fun.

There’s this game called “I Spy” which was really a people-versioned Bring Me game. So when the “Pinakamagandang Teenager” was called…


Well, happy to say, that my little cousins love their Ate Cae so much..


Another game involves a balloon between the legs, a chair, and a sore bum. Because my friends got called in the game, we had to play with poise..

Or whatever poise we could handle in this exciting but embarassing game.

Being the last in line, I was the one who’s got to pop the damn balloon.

Well, needless to say that my team won! Girl power!

The cake and cupcakes, all made with buttercream fondant. Woody and Buzz Lightyear is still sitting in our fridge uneaten as we speak. Can you spot the difference/similarities between me and my brother’s name? 🙂

Look at all the fat and cholesterol. I could feel my thighs getting bigger just by looking at it.

My family and I are thankful for having a blessing in the form of Caehl showered upon us. Being an only child may have its perks, but nothing can beat the love of a sibling. Blood truly is thicker than water. 🙂


We live for the nights we’ll never forget with the friends we’ll always remember.

Last April 9, my senior high classmate, Shanille, celebrated her 18th birthday! All of our classmates were invited (though less than half came) and I knew that it’s going to be fun seeing them again after two years. The last I saw them was graduation! 😀

Sooo happy I got to see my girls again! 🙂

I miss pigging out on food and not be conscious about my body! Yummy food keeps screwing up my diet! 😦

Laughs all around! I remember my senior year in which every single one of us has a unique and hilarious laugh! One laugh would trigger another laugh, which would then trigger every other’s laughs all throughout the classroom! My tummy would always ache during one of our laugh fests! Yes, we were carefree and happy kids back then!

Boyfie ❤ Yes, we were classmates during high school!

Cito’s one of Shanille’s 18 roses! 🙂

A birthday is not complete without icing fights! Oh the joys of childhood!

With the birthday girl! Forgive me for being haggard-looking! This photo was taken at around 11 PM, and just minutes before going home. It was a crazy night!

Happy birthday beautiful! ❤


❤ Cae

Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings, and friends that turned into family.

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can’t stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you’re down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times and the confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

You’re our forever friend, Swanget! Happy birthday baby!

Inna and I made this chocolate tower for her!
2 chocolate cakes
1 box of Cream-O Deluxe
1 bag of Nips
1 box of her favorite chocolates, Macadamia!

We decided to celebrate her birthday 4 days early (April 16th) since she’s in HongKong for her actual birthday (April 20th)! We went to her house at about 11 PM and boy, was she surprised!

Forever friendship! ❤

Sisters at heart!! ❤

Just the history, the boardwalk, the food, the amusement park.

So I told you all about my birthday celebration with my best friends, now I’m going to tell you all about my celebration with my college friends!

After the stressful (not) final exams, I treated all of them to Enchanted Kingdom (although one member of our barkada can’t go and the other went AWOL). FUN couldn’t even begin to describe our experience! It was my, what sixth?, time to go to E.K. but it never gets old! Especially when you’re with someone you care about. 🙂


From Manila to Laguna, it took us roughly 2-3 hours travel time due to the merciless traffic along Nagtahan. It was a hot and humid day but our excitement’s not waning.. well, sort of. Ha ha! 😀

Bought our 10 tickets! One ticket was wasted because of that one friend that went AWOL 😦

Finally arrived at about a quarter to three! We were 8 in all (9, counting my boyfriend). We have a few rare complete group shots.

For our first ride, we tried the EKstreme! It was this tall tower that’s slowly creeping upwards then suddenly falls to our deaths so fast everything would be a blur. According to myths, if you would drop a peso coin from the top, you would both fall at the same time. Can anyone call Myth Busters please? Ha ha 🙂

Roller Skaters. It’s like a mini roller coaster for kiddies. Kept laughing the whole time because Chella kept screaming! And we encountered hot looking Koreans. 😉

Anchors Away! Chella’s favorite ride, according to her. Lol. Wasn’t able to ride with them because Cito arrived already and I needed to give him his ticket.

Jungle Log Jam! You ride in a log-like boat (no seat belts!), cruise in a river and fall on top of tall slides! And yes, you get very wet if you’re unlucky.

Me and my boyfie eating Mexican food! Burritos and Chimichangas, yes please! Aaahhh

Ever since I can remember, Rialto‘s show HAS ALWAYS BEEN (and I do mean always) Happy Feet’s Mumble’s Wild Ride. It’s a fresh change to see that they are now showing Journey to the Center of the Earth! WITH JOSH HUTCHERSON NO LESS GAAAH ❤ Rialto’s kind of a thrilling 3D movie ride.

One of the rare complete group shots while lining up for Rialto!

 I have no pictures riding the Flying Fiesta, but I love this picture of Carms! Flying Fiesta has always been my favorite ride, but this time, it just made me dizzy. I am not amused. 😐 You sit in this swing-like chair and it spins around higher and higher.

Probably the best, not to mention most fun, ride of all! Rode the Rio Grande Rapids twice in a row!! From the name itself, it’s prime job is to make you wet and not the good kind. The water’s freezing cold, may be dirty, and is just random! You sit in a circle-shaped boat of eight (perfect for us) and you just spin around the rapids and one (or two, or three, or all!) gets to be a victim. Chella’s unlucky to be the one to get hit by the waterfalls.. twice! Poor baby 😦

After changing our clothes, the park is about to close in an hour. So we decided to have dinner. This is me with my first college friend and the only guy in our barkada whom we all love to bully, Dek. 🙂

What I ate:

Bought the guys some pizza because I still have a few money left!

I love love love sushi! Especially Kani Sushi! Give me sushi and I shall give you love. ❤ Yes, I finished all 6 pieces by myself. *insert evil laugh here*

Managed to squeeze in a ride at the Space Shuttle 30 minutes before the park closes! This has got to be my favorite ride in the whole park. It’s the largest roller coaster in the country, with three loops and two free-falling towers. So you get to ride the loops two times: one facing front, and one backwards.

We also managed to charm the workers at Anchors Away (because I didn’t get to ride with them the first time) to “please, please, please” let us ride because it’s my birthday. Yay for kind workers!

So when we got back to Chella’s van, my friends started singing and brought out this huge cake! I swear everyone was looking at us. 🙂 I was a bit teary eyed because I really hadn’t expected it! Thank you Lord for awesome friends!

So yeah, who says you can’t find true friends in college? We’ve been together for almost three years already, and despite fights and issues, we’re still intact. Well, sort of? Lol. I’m not a true friend myself, but hey, I try. 🙂

Since I didn’t get to ride Wheel of Fate, here’s an awesome picture!


❤ Cae

There’s a point in every true friendship when friends stop being friends and become SISTERS.

I’ve never had a sister.

Being an only child for 11 years (too long a time) made me want a brother or a sister! In 2005, I was blessed with a gorgeous baby brother!

But this post isn’t about my undying love for my bro (I love him more than anything). It’s about the thicker-than-blood sisterhood bond between me and my best friends. I admit, I’m not a good daughter, a good girlfriend and a good friend. I tend to be temperamental. I get irritated at the smallest of things. I hate stupid questions. Those kind of questions deserve stupid answers. I’m impatient and sarcastic, and my sarcasm can be considered hurtful. I’m not sweet. I got out of the habit of saying “I love you” to my family and friends. Hearing it from my lips sounds unnatural and awkward these days. I’m superficial and sometimes materialistic. I don’t tend to listen to good advice. I’m stubborn and insecure and pessimistic. In short, I’m not an ideal daughter/girlfriend/friend.

These girls accepted me for who I am. Yes, we fight. Not a lot, but we fight nonetheless. They are the ones that any girl would feel blessed to have. And I do feel blessed! Totally! Because for my birthday, they gave me not only their love, but they made me feel like I really had sisters. The sisters I never had, and the sisters that I am lucky to have.

On the night before my birthday, we had an impromptu sleepover. We tend to do things like that, given that our parents know each of us for years now and we live near each other. So it’s easy having a slumber party!

I’m not expecting any gift because Inna and I have been working the whole week for Gold’s graduation/early birthday gift so I don’t think they’re up to anything for me! But here they are, not only giving me a gift, but making it!

Inna, “buipren”

Gold, “swanget”

Here’s the lovely cake they baked for me! Inspired by the famous KitKat cake that is all the rage in Tumblr. (See photo below)

See any similarities? Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Lol 🙂

I have sweet (and gorgeous) friends!

Yes, I foiled their surprise. 😦
They were supposed to surprise me with the cake, but being stubborn me, I accidentally saw it in our refrigerator while getting some leftover cake (the cake that my college barkada gave which I will post soon!)! They honestly didn’t know what to do and they were distraught! Ha ha, sorry!

 So we decided to celebrate my birthday early.
It was 10 o’clock in the evening that time. Not quite my birthday yet, but still! The show must go on, right?

 And yes, God granted my birthday wish. No failing grades for me! 😉

Their surprise isn’t over yet! I only foiled half of their plans.
(Yes, they blindfolded me with my underwear)

 When I uncovered my eyes, they instructed me to turn around, and saw this tarp they made themselves! It made my heart melt when I read it. Still makes my heart melt whenever I read it, which is perfectly placed at the foot of my bed.

With Inna!
“Magulo na rin naman yung kwarto mo eh, guluhin pa natin lalo!”
(Your room’s messy already, let’s make it even messier!)
Yes, please do forgive my messy room. I’m a, um, creative child.

 Some charms at the bottom of the banner!
L-R: Some flowers symbolizing Marigold, a C2 Green Tea bottle symbolizing my boyfriend Cito, the letter ‘K’ symbolizing a lazy way of spelling my name (Lol), and a mother symbolizing Inna (Ina is the Tagalog translation of mom).

 Yes, they know I love books.
“We love you buip/swanget! Happy 18th b-day! Yahoo! hahahahahahaha! Bili ka na ng cam for Palawan! Tanda mo na! Pwede ka na… MAKULONG LOVE YOU!”
(We love you buip/swanget! Happy 18th b-day! Yahoo! hahahahahahaha. Go buy a camera for Palawan already! You’re getting old! You can now get arrested! Love you!”)

 Le banner!

To show you how creative my friends can really be, here’s a look at last year’s birthday gift! It’s a mini scrapbook 🙂

All photos courtesy of Gold!
More birthday updates soon!


❤ Cae

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Photo courtesy of:

Hello everyone! It’s 2 o’clock in the morning (and the conversation’s definitely not boring – forgive my lame joke) and I’m officially 18 years old! With great power comes great responsibility. I think Spiderman really hit the bullseye with that quote.

Being legal entitles you to a lifetime membership entrance to various clubs and bars (you just need to flash your I.D.!), a certification in the form of a driver’s license that makes you a valid driver (without any adult present because you’re the adult now) and an authentic permission to work.

Yet with all those perks that comes with being 18, there comes downfalls. Or God’s way of saying, “I am your light.” Without challenges, we wouldn’t enjoy our blessings! Without pain, we wouldn’t know joy. Without hardships, we wouldn’t know rewards.

I won’t be having an extravagant party because I think that’s too materialistic of me. In my opinion, spending quality time with my loved ones are better than spending time at a party that I know my guests would find boring (at least for the program part) and where’s the quality time in that, anyway? I don’t consider debuts to be “personal” because it’s too large a crowd to handle and I wouldn’t be able to divide myself equally between each circle of friends.

So I opted for individual quality time between my best friends and my college friends. That way, I would get to spend equal time with them, and at the same time, have the time of my life! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

On the last day of the final exams, I treated my college barkada to Enchanted Kingdom, since we were the only ones we know of that haven’t been to E.K. together. I would tell you all about that part of my birthday celebration soon!

Then I asked my parents if we could go to an out-of-town trip to Palawan with my boyfriend and best friends. I have never been there, and we’re all dying to spend the summer together and too excited to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. We will all be heading there at the end of April!

Here’s me at midnight! Officially 18!


❤ Cae