So, okay. 2 months has come and gone, and still my blog went by unnoticed.

But you guys HAVE to understand that college life has been hectic lately, even my Facebook’s a little dusty. Except during the weekends when I would come home to the sweet province where life isn’t complicated and the only problem is oversleeping.

Here are some picture heaps of what’s happened during the last two months:

Just me and my boyfriend acting silly, ’cause we’re tired of all the “lovey-dovey” pictures!

“HAWKEYE” / “Hukay” means hole in English. 😉

At Perfect Spot with friends! Going out with friends at night make me so happy. I love their company. 🙂

Meet my roomies! Inna, me, Gika and Shae. Went out for ice cream in the middle of the night. Wore jackets and eyeglasses so we’d all match! 🙂

Pretty, pretty Shae! We had our “night make-up” on for our PDSR (Personality Development and Social Relations) class. So far, it’s our favorite class yet! Hey, what girl wouldn’t love a class who teaches how to put on make-up, how to walk properly, or just basically how to be a LADY? It’s like A Princess Diaries!

Riana and I goofing around at the back of the classroom. Just because we’re cool like that. 😉

REAL beautiful girls show off their not-so-beautiful side!!! We’re sooo tired of people who “edit” their faces, or just hide them (re: putting on stickers or something) because YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. Be proud of what you look like! YOU’RE AN IMAGE OF GOD. 🙂

Gika’s first bar! @Bliss Ultraclub, Tomas Morato. Lookie how pretty she is with make-up on!

I’m sexy and I know it, yes.

Saw Papa Echo at Yakimix! Gaaaah, that’s smile! :p~

So yeah, a lot has happened these past few months, and even if I didn’t get to post or rant or write about it, well. It will always remain in my heart and mind. 🙂

C  ❤

P.S. I have Twitter!!

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