She found it in the city, but the city doesn’t talk.

A spark of creativity just hit me when I saw this lovely thing at Candy Mag’s website a few days ago. So I decided to make my own, and give it to my Mom as a Mother’s Day gift!

Want to know how to make your own glittery plumes? Here’s how:

For this project, you’ll need: 

Feather earrings
Glitters (though you have to ask the Cullens really nicely.. lol)
Clear nail polish (not included in photo)

Spread the glue about halfway down the earrings. Any glue would do, but I suggest you use Glue Gel because it’s the most cooperative and spreads easily and smoothly.

Sprinkle with glitter immediately, before it dries. Now, the amazing thing here is that you can pick whatever color glitter you would use on your earrings, instead of buying those expensive ones at malls. Cheap feather earrings can rage from 50 – 100 php! Truly a bargain.

After letting the glue dry completely, shake off the excess glitter.  Reapply glue and glitter, if needed. I suggest you do it over a piece of old newspaper so the glitter wouldn’t fly all over your room.

Apply a coat (or two) of clear nail polish (I used gold glitter polish, since I used gold glitters. It also helps cover some holes) so the glitters won’t rub off your hand whenever you touch it.

Voila! Wrapped, and ready for delivery! You can actually buy loads of earrings for cheap prices at bazaars or stalls, coat them with glitter, and give them to your friends! It’s perfect for gifts if you’re on a tight budget, or for yourself, for an instant revamp in your wardrobe! 😉

❤ Cae


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