Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

Some random shots that I thought you’d like to see! 🙂

I have gorgeous friends. ❤ First time posting beach photos, so have fun browsing!

Where did I get my genes from? Gorgeous parents! ❤

Me and Cito being romantic at the beach. It’s like a scene in the movies! Ha ha ha. ❤

 Hey, uh, God? You forget to make them my sisters. 🙂 Sisters for life!!!

You can almost see my Deathly Hallows tattoo here. 🙂

Crabs by the shore!

Saw a monkey by the Underground River forest! I swear, Cito spazzed out. He just kept staring at his long-lost “brother” with his mouth open. 😀

Yes, he is, indeed, a monkey. I love you!

Me eating Korean Spicy Ramen at the airport.

Bags ang bags and bags and bags of dried fish! Tuyo, danggit, and dried pusit! I swear, Palawan has the best dried fish ever!

We saw a rainbow! Because the beach was a huge disappointment, it was God’s way of saying that things will get better. 🙂

Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset! Beats Manila Bay any damn time! Thank You Lord, for everything! For life, for the animals, for the wonderful creations You brought upon us that has never been touched by man. You’re the only Creator that deserves that title. Thank you for Your glory!

Outfit post soon!

❤ Cae


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