The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.

My friends and I (minus Cito, just because he’s a pussy) together with my dad went on a caving and zip lining activity after our Underground River escapade. The locals call it “cazing” (caving and zip lining combined) because you enter a huge forest where there are rock formations with caves that used to be a hide-out during World War II, then you have to ride a zip line measuring 350 meters downwards when you reach the top. 🙂

Ugong Rock is a community based sustainable tourism project initiated/funded by UNESCO.  Protect an environment and support a community by taking an adventure at Ugong Rock! Trust me, they really need that extra boost because they seriously need profits! Their gloves are torn and has holes and their helmets are limited. Hey, you get to have fun, exercise, and help save Mother Nature in the process!

We’re all set! I love my pink helmet. ❤

Huge forest with branches that the early settlers used as ropes! Like Tarzan, eh?

A short prayer for guidance and protection before entering the caves.  That’s our tour guide by the way. 🙂

Huuuuuge 7-layered rock formations!

I can’t remember what we’re looking at, but we look so funny in this picture! Lol. 😀

Our favorite point, the “Humility Point”. It has small hole in the bottom and narrow space on the side of the rock. It’s called the “Humility Point” because in order to get across, you have to “humble” yourself  in nature and crawl under the rocks. If not, then you should “love” nature and hug it by slipping through that narrow space. We all did both! 🙂

Wonder what’s the story behind the name? Ugong Rock is named after the  hollow rocks found inside the caves that makes a gong sound! The rocks behind us are like those.

The rocks get steeper as we get deeper inside. We had to do a little bit of climbing. Yes, I wore white shorts, and no, I didn’t regret getting it dirty. Angas nga ng dating eh. 😉

See that small hole up there? Yes, we had to squeeze through THAT. We  jokingly call it the “sexy point” because it’s a test to determine whether you’re sexy or not. Are you wondering if I passed?

Needless to say, we all passed with flying colors! (Yes, we are indeed making the letters “S E X Y”.)

After the sexy point, there’s the “Crawling Point”. It’s also a challenge because it’s a small hole!

We made it safely out the caves! Thank you, Lord. ♥ Next challenge: the zip line!

The view!!! Yes, the Eiffel Tower or Times Square or the Statue of Liberty may be beautiful, but nothing beats the natural beauty of nature!

Game face, on! This is my first time, actually. And I’m glad it did not disappoint! ❤

That’s my dad being cute. :p

Thank you Lord for letting us experience your wonderful creations. 🙂

❤ Cae


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