New babies!

Went shopping with my family today! Every Saturday is our family day because we eat out and shop for our groceries. Here’s what I bought:

I’ve always wanted these!!! I’ve got a penchant for raglans shirts because they’re not too girly, nor too manly. Perfect for casual dates or hanging out! Fortunately, Artwork has a big range of designs to choose from. You have to buy fast, because sizes are running out.

T-strap flats from Solemate!! Got these babies for only 300 php. ❤

Ha ha ha ha. Batman briefs for meeee! I love Batman with a passion! He’s the only superhero without any superpowers yet he still manages to be awesome. My other favorites are Hawkeye, Daredevil and Iron Man. Yes, I prefer heroes without superpowers. 🙂

New book! Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. I loved her Delirium series and I know this wouldn’t disappoint. I was hoping for three new books that were supposed to be released last May 1 but unfortunately, it hasn’t reached the Philippine shores yet (I think).

I just loooove the feeling of buying new school supplies! It gives off a positive vibe and reminds you that the summer vacation is almost over! Personally, I can’t wait for school, because this is my junior year in college!! This is the REAL DEAL. No more extracurricular activities, NSTP, or P.E. classes! This is our major year, and I expect that it will be difficult! I hope I can make it! 🙂

More about our Palawan trip soon!

❤ Cae


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