Hold up

I just saw the ‘top searches’ in my blog, and these are what’s in it:

Top Searches
“blindfolded, jeremy renner kiss, hulk puny god, the moment when tony stark want to eat shawarma at the avengers”

Okay, so that’s a little funny line-up we’ve got there..

– Blindfolded
What? Ha ha ha. Do you mean my birthday post where I was blindfolded with my underwear? Other than that, I have no idea what you’re looking for. 😀

– Jeremy Renner kiss
I have no idea what kiss you’re referring to. Maybe the part where he kissed.. me? Lol, I have high hopes. But I have no content whatsoever about J. Renner kissing anyone on my blog.

– Hulk puny god
Yes, I agree that this scene is a very awesome scene. Lol. If you’re looking for the complete quote, here it is. 😀

– The moment when Tony Stark want to eat shawarma at the Avengers
Okay, being a grammar nazi, it’s wants, not want. 😉 Lol. Other than that, this made me laugh. Ha ha ha. It’s funny ’cause it’s a whole sentence rather than keywords.

I have wonderful, funny people on my blog! To my 16 followers – thank you for thinking my blog is interesting enough! To people viewing my blog (I know you’re there, I didn’t reach 900 hits in less than 2 months for nothing) hit that cute little “Follow” button up there. Look at it, it’s a sexy button. Click it click it click it. 😀


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