Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

Last April 12, my blockmate suddenly texted me if I’m available so we could all go swimming!! Since I have nothing better to do, and the cool waters are calling my name, I immediately replied, “Yes!!!”. 😉

(Too tired to edit :()

We went swimming at Bellevue Hotel at Alabang. The place looks magical and sophisticated!

The pool in daylight! It’s just stunning there. The pool is not cold at all! Which would be lousy for me, because I absolutely hate the cold.

Oh-kay! I am definitely having the time of my life. With amazing friends, who wouldn’t?! ❤

Camera-whoring in the bathroom!! The day wouldn’t be complete without shameless mirror pictures! Lol :p

Will you just look at these cutesy hotel toiletries?! I grabbed them to take home with me almost as soon as I laid my eyes on them. Could I just stare at them the whole day? 😦

Of course, swimming is a completely tiring activity. We have to boost our energy with food!! Including these yummy fries, we had lunch at Mcdo right across the hotel, snacks like Mars chocolates and for dinner, we had Pinoy favorites like Tapsilog and Tocilog 🙂

The pool at night! It’s just divine!! I want to gobble it all up and inhale everything! I feel so at peace with Mother Earth. ❤

Riana ❤

Happy friends!!! ❤

Ciao lovelies!

❤   Cae

P.S. I really, really, really need to diet!!! Any diet tips? 😦


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