There’s a point in every true friendship when friends stop being friends and become SISTERS.

I’ve never had a sister.

Being an only child for 11 years (too long a time) made me want a brother or a sister! In 2005, I was blessed with a gorgeous baby brother!

But this post isn’t about my undying love for my bro (I love him more than anything). It’s about the thicker-than-blood sisterhood bond between me and my best friends. I admit, I’m not a good daughter, a good girlfriend and a good friend. I tend to be temperamental. I get irritated at the smallest of things. I hate stupid questions. Those kind of questions deserve stupid answers. I’m impatient and sarcastic, and my sarcasm can be considered hurtful. I’m not sweet. I got out of the habit of saying “I love you” to my family and friends. Hearing it from my lips sounds unnatural and awkward these days. I’m superficial and sometimes materialistic. I don’t tend to listen to good advice. I’m stubborn and insecure and pessimistic. In short, I’m not an ideal daughter/girlfriend/friend.

These girls accepted me for who I am. Yes, we fight. Not a lot, but we fight nonetheless. They are the ones that any girl would feel blessed to have. And I do feel blessed! Totally! Because for my birthday, they gave me not only their love, but they made me feel like I really had sisters. The sisters I never had, and the sisters that I am lucky to have.

On the night before my birthday, we had an impromptu sleepover. We tend to do things like that, given that our parents know each of us for years now and we live near each other. So it’s easy having a slumber party!

I’m not expecting any gift because Inna and I have been working the whole week for Gold’s graduation/early birthday gift so I don’t think they’re up to anything for me! But here they are, not only giving me a gift, but making it!

Inna, “buipren”

Gold, “swanget”

Here’s the lovely cake they baked for me! Inspired by the famous KitKat cake that is all the rage in Tumblr. (See photo below)

See any similarities? Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? Lol 🙂

I have sweet (and gorgeous) friends!

Yes, I foiled their surprise. 😦
They were supposed to surprise me with the cake, but being stubborn me, I accidentally saw it in our refrigerator while getting some leftover cake (the cake that my college barkada gave which I will post soon!)! They honestly didn’t know what to do and they were distraught! Ha ha, sorry!

 So we decided to celebrate my birthday early.
It was 10 o’clock in the evening that time. Not quite my birthday yet, but still! The show must go on, right?

 And yes, God granted my birthday wish. No failing grades for me! 😉

Their surprise isn’t over yet! I only foiled half of their plans.
(Yes, they blindfolded me with my underwear)

 When I uncovered my eyes, they instructed me to turn around, and saw this tarp they made themselves! It made my heart melt when I read it. Still makes my heart melt whenever I read it, which is perfectly placed at the foot of my bed.

With Inna!
“Magulo na rin naman yung kwarto mo eh, guluhin pa natin lalo!”
(Your room’s messy already, let’s make it even messier!)
Yes, please do forgive my messy room. I’m a, um, creative child.

 Some charms at the bottom of the banner!
L-R: Some flowers symbolizing Marigold, a C2 Green Tea bottle symbolizing my boyfriend Cito, the letter ‘K’ symbolizing a lazy way of spelling my name (Lol), and a mother symbolizing Inna (Ina is the Tagalog translation of mom).

 Yes, they know I love books.
“We love you buip/swanget! Happy 18th b-day! Yahoo! hahahahahahaha! Bili ka na ng cam for Palawan! Tanda mo na! Pwede ka na… MAKULONG LOVE YOU!”
(We love you buip/swanget! Happy 18th b-day! Yahoo! hahahahahahaha. Go buy a camera for Palawan already! You’re getting old! You can now get arrested! Love you!”)

 Le banner!

To show you how creative my friends can really be, here’s a look at last year’s birthday gift! It’s a mini scrapbook 🙂

All photos courtesy of Gold!
More birthday updates soon!


❤ Cae


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