You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Since I’m entering my junior year in college, no more Physical Education and NSTP (National Service Training Program) for me! I would be a complete and total liar if I said that my P.E. and NSTP days weren’t gruesome as hell. But I would also be a liar if I said that it didn’t leave any impact on me. Especially NSTP.

“Civic Welfare Training Service”  (the NSTP program I was enrolled in) refers to programs or activities  that contributes to the common good and the betterment of life for the members of the community. 🙂

My NSTP journey was very hassling to say the least, but satisfying at the end. It’s amazing how you can touch so many lives just by sharing a bit of information, or even a smile.

For our first field work, we went to this small village in Antipolo called Sitio Galili. Our mission was to teach the kids how to pray. Arriving there, seeing the pitiful state of their “houses”, made my heart ache and caused me to tear up a bit.

The church where they hold their Sunday mass. I loved the thought that despite their circumstances, they never lost faith in God!

Out of all the kids, Jiro stood out the most. He doesn’t know how to talk, he only communicated through sounds and his hands. Notice his Batman baller? Yup. Courtesy of me! 🙂

We have novenas and rosaries given out to everyone to assist us in teaching the kids how to pray. Even if he couldn’t speak, Jiro followed the intonation of my voice and the sounds of the words. He tried his best to imitate me.

He has the cutest smile!! His shirt is Spiderman, so we both love superheroes! ❤ Forgive my crappy face, I didn’t wear make-up. 🙂

My team and the kids. ❤ We had a very random group! A girl who’s sick (she’s burning hot), a girl who won’t let go of her big sister, a couple of siblings, and someone who can’t speak. I hope they all know that they’re all blessed to live and that they never lose faith in God!

Fulfilled! I love my group. No slackers, or anything! (with the exception of me. lol) We really cooperate and have fun as well! ❤

With Jiro’s grandmother who came to fetch him home! She looked very shy, but nice! My heart cries out for this family. 😦

For our second field work, we toured a different group of kids to Museo Pambata in Manila. It’s an interactive museum made for kids! The place was really cool and it’s a great place to go with your family! If you have baby siblings, of course.

So I picked this really really really really hyper kid named Adrian. And by hyper, I meant sugar rush, adrenaline and coffee buzz COMBINED. This kid is like a living hurricane! I swear. I was dead tired after the trip! But it was totally worth it. 🙂

He’s playing with the camera! Ha ha ha. He took a few good shots though!

One of Adrian’s shots. Yes I look like crap, thankyouverymuch! Ha ha. But hey, I’m proud of him!

In one of the museum’s exhibits. 🙂

A loooong hallway of kites in the ceiling! I love this museum already. It makes me wish I was still a kid who was allowed to feel giddy and excited upon entering the museum.<3

Don’t you want to see smiles on faces like these? They’re having the time of their lives! ❤

Story time  for the kids! And also the wanna-be kids, if you want. Lol. :p So while the kids were here, we were..

 ..acting like kids..

..and farmers..

..but then we got tired already. It was pretty much a tiring day. It mostly consists of: chasing after the kids, admiring exhibits, chasing the kids, off to the next exhibit, chasing the kids.. you get the picture!

That happy smile! Seeing that smile after a hard day is really gratifying, knowing that the reason for it is you. ❤

For our last field work, we went to a school Bataan to help build the children’s classrooms! It was a job for someone with physical strengths, and due to my scoliosis, I was refrained by my friends from any work that requires heavy lifting, so I was the designated photographer for the day. I don’t mind though, give me a decent camera and I’d happily shoot away!

Just look at the children’s classrooms! Even though it’s small and shabby, it seems like homey and cozy to me!

I love my country, and fellow countrymen who promotes patriotism! I can’t translate for foreign people, because I’m afraid the meaning of this phrase might lessen its sense when translated in English.

And here’s some unfinished classrooms that we’re supposed to help build! It’s not too exciting though, we’re not really building it. There are those hired carpenters to do that. We’re just assisting them with cement, gravel, and stuff. 🙂

My friends, shoveling rocks and gravel, to make cement! I want to help! I don’t want to feel useless in this rare experience!

So I helped.. for a bit! Yay! 😀 That’s me in the acid wash jeans.

Happy smiles all around!! 🙂 I’m sorry if I wore a different t-shirt. I didn’t have my NSTP shirt at the dorm that day. Boo! 😦

Treated ourselves to dirty ice cream!! Dirty ice cream was the shit back during the 90’s! I can’t get enough, so I bought two! Cheese is one of my favorite ice cream flavors!

Nostalgic for childhood. 😦 *fake smile right there, yup*

Vanity will always be my favorite sins! During the bus ride back home. 🙂

 So that’s the summary of my journey. I hope you learned some values too! Like what my parents never fail to remind me, “Count your blessings.” You might be complaining about something petty and trivial, but there are people out there without homes, families, and are unable to eat more than 4 times a day. Yes, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS indeed. ❤

Watch my reflection video here. It was an assignment. 🙂

2 days until our Palawan trip!! ❤

❤ Cae


I can’t remember feels. Avengers has killed me.


Okay, so this isn’t a credible movie review because I would only rant about how incredibly amazingly wonderfully PERFECT the movie is. I can say with absolute certainty that it is mankind’s greatest achievement yet. I have all these feelings stirring up inside me, and I won’t rest until I implode get them all out. If that’s even possible. Since there are no words for what I’m feeling, I will use GIFs instead, for I find them entertaining as hell, and hey, who doesn’t want moving pictures?

Taking a bath/Dressing up:

 Leaving my house:

Lining up for tickets:

Getting into our seats:


Marvel logo shows up:

Clint Barton gets hypnotized:

Iron Man saves Captain America’s butt from Loki:

*sudden thunder and lightning storm*:


Epic Iron Man and Thor battle scene + the impact of Mjolnir and Captain’s shield:

Thor: Loki is a god and he’s still my brother!
Natasha: Your brother killed eighty million people within two days.
Thor: … He’s adopted.

Steve Rogers: Big man, in a suit of armour… take that away, what are you?
Tony Stark: Uh… genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist…

When Phil died:

Agent Phil’s trading cards and his love for the Avengers:

Hawkeye finally wakes up from being mindfucked/The master assassins’ reunion: 

“Are you an alien?”/Epic naked scene with Bruce Banner:

 The headcount scene:

Avengers Assemble epic scene:

Let’s go, Legolas.”:

“Hulk, SMASH.”

Arrogant police: “And why should we take orders from you?!”
-Epic Captain America vs. aliens battle scene-

Loki: STOP! I am a God! I will not be bullied by a—
*The Hulk proceeds to knock Loki around like a rag doll*
Hulk: Puny god

Every time there is a Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye/Clint Barton scene:

Tony carries the stupid missile:

“Call: Failed”:

Natasha closes the portal:

Tony drops down from the sky: 

Hulk saves him:

Tony lying on the ground, unconscious:

Hulk roars:

“Please tell me no one kissed me.”:

Tony and his obsession to eat Shawarma:

That letter ‘A’ in the end:

End credits:

Post-credits scene:

Exiting the cinemas:

Joss Whedon:

Now, can they please make a movie with The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and all the other superheroes, like Ant Man, Wasp, Giant Man, etc. because that would be the greatest thing in the world.

We’re not a team. We’re a time-bomb!

I just got home from a movie date with my boyfriend!  I hope you’re all prepared for a bombard of The Avengers-related posts!!! So if you haven’t watched the movie, don’t worry. This post has no spoilers, I promise you!

So my boyfriend and I agreed on a “race” wherein the last one to arrive at the cinemas would get to treat the other ice cream. Cito, being the lazy asswipe he is, was the loser of our little game! Ha! In your face! 😛 ❤

So while waiting, I decided to treat myself to some Okinawa Basic Milk Tea from Infinitea. Since they don’t have egg pudding, I opted for no add-ons. Ugh, I hate pearls. Notice my shirt. *wink wink* (See post here)

When he arrived, we bought our tickets for the next show time! I called the cinemas beforehand and asked if a lot of people are going to be watching. Thankfully, the clerk told me that only a few were there. So we were lucky to get really decent seats!

First off, I apologize for the lousy shot. We were already in the cinemas when I forgot that we hadn’t taken any food shots! *face palm* This family-sized nacho salad is from our favorite movie-snack restaurant, Southern Flavors. Their quesadillas ARE TO DIE FOR. Trust me on this one!! ❤

After the movie, I felt fat after eating those nachos (and some of his french fries) so we opted for something healthy for dessert! Californiaberry nonfat frozen yogurt was definitely the way to go. Crushed grahams and fruit all the way!

Non-relevant: We saw this amazing book at Powerbooks while strolling around the mall! It’s the classic story of Pride and Prejudice – zombified! Being a total dork, I am definitely buying this the next time we hit the mall. Hilarious! 😀

I asked him to buy me cotton candy instead of ice cream. I adore the Barbie sticker! ❤

I am sooooo glad I have a wonderful boyfriend to share life’s sweet blessings with! He instantly turned gay the moment the movie started!! ❤

Read my movie review here!

❤ Cae

Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find.

I’m not an environmentalist, but I know this much: The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago.. had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.

I saw this picture about the National Geographic Earth Day Run 2012 in Manila, Philippines. You might have seen it too since it’s gone viral, but here’s a copy just in case you haven’t.

See how disgusting this is?!

I’m not disgusted by the amount of trash. I’m disgusted by the people who made this happen, disgusted by the thought that this is FREAKING EARTH RUN, for crying out loud.

Some people argues that, “Hey, someone’s cleaning it afterwards.” Guess what? Cleaning up isn’t the point. It’s the waste that is the issue. I don’t think it matters that it was cleaned up after, but wasted in the first place. Cleaning up trash uses more resources than not wasting. Just because someone’s cleaning up afterwards doesn’t make this shit ok.

Actually, I’d be less mad if this happened during a normal day. I didn’t say that I wouldn’t be mad. I said that I’d be less mad. But the fact that this happened during a “Save the Earth” campaign made me really disgusted by people. Given, people don’t really care about saving the Earth (filthy hypocrites) and they just ran because they felt like it. That’s the irony of all of it. You’re “saving” the world! Not ruining it even more!

Remember, it’s not us who suffers. It’s our grandchildren, or our grandchildren’s grandchildren. We didn’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we’re borrowing it from the next generation. I hope people thinks more about Mother Nature next time. It’s our home. We haven’t got anywhere else to live.

Some of my friends laugh and mock me everytime I lecture them to throw their trash properly, but this is no laughing matter. It’s seriously alarming. What I wouldn’t give to exchange those goddamned malls and buildings for fresh trees, forests, and oceans. Sigh. That’s modern technology for you, I guess.

Happy belated Earth day, earthlings.

❤ Cae

Meet the awesome me! Lol

The post title may be a little conceited, but that’s what this post is about: Me!

To be more precise, I updated my ‘About Me’ page. Give it a look! It’s quite long but it’s worth a read, I promise. No too-conceited stuff! 🙂

Here it is:

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of me with sore eyes:

Lauro is my boyfriend’s surname, by the way.

5 days ’til our Palawan trip!!! Can’t wait. ❤

I still believe in heroes. -Nick Fury

Tony Stark (Iron Man): Let’s do a headcount: Your brother, the demigod; a super-soldier, a living legend who actually lives up to the legend; a man with breathtaking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins; and you’ve managed to piss off every single one of us. 

I don’t know why, but I freakin’ love this quote from the movie trailer!!!!

So, I’m showing you my glow-in-the-dark Avengers shirt from Folded and Hung! As you can see, I’m not rooting for a specific superhero. I’m rooting for all of them!!! ❤

Showing in the Philippines at April 25! That’s only four days to go! Buy your tickets as early as now because I foresee a looooooong loooooong line at the cinemas. 🙂

 Crappy face. Ha ha.

See you at the cinemas, maybe? 🙂

❤ Cae

We live for the nights we’ll never forget with the friends we’ll always remember.

Last April 9, my senior high classmate, Shanille, celebrated her 18th birthday! All of our classmates were invited (though less than half came) and I knew that it’s going to be fun seeing them again after two years. The last I saw them was graduation! 😀

Sooo happy I got to see my girls again! 🙂

I miss pigging out on food and not be conscious about my body! Yummy food keeps screwing up my diet! 😦

Laughs all around! I remember my senior year in which every single one of us has a unique and hilarious laugh! One laugh would trigger another laugh, which would then trigger every other’s laughs all throughout the classroom! My tummy would always ache during one of our laugh fests! Yes, we were carefree and happy kids back then!

Boyfie ❤ Yes, we were classmates during high school!

Cito’s one of Shanille’s 18 roses! 🙂

A birthday is not complete without icing fights! Oh the joys of childhood!

With the birthday girl! Forgive me for being haggard-looking! This photo was taken at around 11 PM, and just minutes before going home. It was a crazy night!

Happy birthday beautiful! ❤


❤ Cae